What is Ego-Free?

We are a creative design and marketing house located in Bangkok, Thailand. We offer a full range of creative services, such as website and print design. While based in Bangkok, we can help you with wherever you are in the world. We have staff who are fluent in both Thai and English to service clients from various countries. Look to us for professional website design, logo design, brochure design, company profiles, banner design and also large format prints.

In addition to web and graphic design services, our talents expand to branding and marketing consultation. Looking for an agency to take care of all your marketing efforts such as PR and brand communication? We can be an important part of your marketing team and help you write press releases and also take care of your media planning activities.

What truly strikes our creative services apart from the rest of the crowd is that we offer "ego-free" creative design services. Why do we want our graphic design service to be ego-free? Find out what it means to have "BIG IDEAS without the big egos" here.

Our mission is to provide idea-driven creative solutions that focus on our clients' needs, not our own egos. Too many times, teams are slowed down by their own egos, instead of driving the creative process forward with new and better ideas.
Big egos can lead to big internal problems, which poses big problems to performance at the expense of the organization and its customers. We consciously aim to keep our egos out of our creative process and create high quality work for our clients.

Last but certainly not least, not only do we give you competitively-priced web and print packages to meet your budget, we give you on-time delivery to meet your deadlines. Let us know your project requirements and request a free quote here. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Call us today on 02 664 0808 if you're in Thailand. If you're calling from abroad, dial +662 664 0808. If you'd like to visit us, please make an appointment first.